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Hi my name is Jen Tice and I would love to share my story/background with you! I am a certified professional dog groomer from Animal Behavioral College where I graduated with honors. I also graduated from Kutztown University with a Biology degree. Education is extremely important to me- I strive to be an expert in my field! 

My story is kind of interesting... I always wanted to work with animals, especially dogs. I started my career after college in pharmaceutical sales. I worked for some of the larger corporate companies in the industry and had some crazy success. If I’m being honest pharma really pushed me mentally, personally, and changed me as a person- to be frank, I hated it. In 2017 I had a health issue and with a TON of support from family, friends, and my husband; I made the switch to working with dogs. 

I started in a dog training facility where I truly got to bloom. For the first 1.5 years of my dog career, I dedicated my life to the care, training, and grooming of dogs. It was hard!!! But I was finally in my glory- service dogs, working dogs, reactive dogs, aggressive dogs. I literally got to experience all behaviors and kinds of dogs and it truly shaped how I handle animals. Once I was established at the training facility I helped launch and run their first-ever grooming department. During this time I was also working with my grooming mentor down in Blackwood, NJ. 

My mentor and now colleague taught me how to groom properly and handle all situations on the grooming table. She is meticulous, thorough, and strives for perfection- BINGO!!!! This is where our style is born. Failure has never been an option for me and our minds just aligned. At my mentors business- A & E Grooming, I was exposed to hundreds of breeds, personalities, and was taught how to run an extremely successful grooming operation. The time I spent here was invaluable to the growth of Strut Your Paws. 

Additionally, without my family and specifically my husband I would not be the strong woman I am today. I truly believe that success is built with a team. As the owner of Strut Your Paws I can only take this business so far. Yet with my team? We are unstoppable!!! I am forever grateful for my husband Jay and my beautiful Brittany Spaniel Archie. 

Lastly, I want to express what this business means to me. I have always been ambitious, but with Strut Your Paws Grooming I have put a piece of myself into this business. I am proud of my work, the community I serve, and how I care for your dog. My hope is that my passion and mission is clear to you as the customer. 

THANK YOU!!!!! Without YOU Strut Your Paws Grooming wouldn’t be what it is.  

- Jen 

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